God's Character Woman

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I love who God created me to be. Don't you?

One day I look at myself in the mirror, yes myself, no make-up, not dressed up, just me. I could see so much in me. I am not sure most people can even see.
I see
A strong woman.
Dedicated to Christ.
Tall, fun, joyous, gracious, thankful, with so much potential and room to grow.Yes, she has shed a few tears and even got angry but sin not.
She has been talked about, put down, mistreated and misused but she has grown stronger through everything.
No she is not perfect, she aims to do her best, with high hopes and BIG dreams.
A huge calling.
Ready to be used by God.
I see a woman of God.

What do you see in the mirror? I challenge you to take the time to look in the mirror without your make-up and dressed up.

And tell me what do you see? What do you really see?