God's Character Woman

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Real Love...How do you know?

So How do you know?..... if it is well Real?!?!?!

It's  funny how you go to a restaurant and I, myself, love Coca Cola, and it puzzles me when asked by a waiter or waitress, What do you like to drink? I would say," well Coke" and they would say, " Pepsi?" or " RC?" as if there the same but it is not the REAL thing. It doesn't taste the same and the exterior isn't the same. It is more like the generic form of Coke. I do not take any substitutes or look-alike to the real thing.

One thing I have learned in my relationship with God is REAL love. Last, Sunday at church, God's loves overflowed the atmosphere and I felt his anointing shower love on me. This love can not be written about in movies, it is not scripted, or man made. His love sometimes feels unexplainable to those that have no relationship with him but yet we try day to day to help others understand this love is real.

His love is pure. It is without blemish. Just as our Worship to him should be. His love is without judgement but does come with rebuke, consequences, and order. Yes, God does let you know your going against his word and truth but he does it with grace and mercy.

Yes, his love does not lie. Unbelievable isn't it? With lies being spoken to you everyday and played out for you on television. You can trust him at his word. He left his word so we would have a resource to carry us along our journey with him and to try to bring an understanding of his love. His word is an example of his love.

His love is unconditional. He shares his love with you even when your undeserving. When you deny him or when you do not recognize who he is in your life and ignore his call out to you. He loves you! He showed us his love in giving his life then rose on the third day and he had not met you yet! But he did it. He did it for you and me, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, mom and dad.

His love is forgiving. He forgives but we lag in our forgiveness. We even come up with reasons why our UN-forgiveness is justified as if we can change but others can't. He laughs and we call ourselves one of his own. Yet, we can't let go of the past to SOAR in our future. Then we wonder why our blessings are held up because we blocked up with UN-forgiveness.

His love is action. We can see it. With every sun rise and every sunset, his love is visible to us so how can we question it? But we do. Was his death not enough? Was his pain not enough? He wakes you up every morning. That is his love in your face reflected through the mirrors. His love.

Real love is tangible. Real love is brings joy with every new day with HIM. Real love is roughing it through the storm together. Real love is not associated with abuse physical or mental. It is not forced but is given willingly.  That is why I willingly surrender to Praising him and Worshiping him in spite of everything else in the world. Real love requires communication. Real love starts in friendships.

Real love accepts you. Real love expects great works from you and works you; not against you. Real love has memories you can smile about the next day and years later. It is comforting. It isn't perfect but worked to perfection by the word of God.

Real love requires work. It is built on a solid foundation and let me tell you...God is the only ROCK I know! So, build on him, not on you, they, or them because when you build on him, you & him with God, will stand. When your sick, real love takes the time to get you back to health.

Real love taught by God can be exhibited in your smile, eyes, walk, talk and lifestyle. Real love doesn't separate you from family or friends buts draws you together through thick and thin but it can not dwell with sin.

Real love brings abundance, elevation, promotion, peace, joy, strength, endurance, health, faith, trust, and overflow.

Wait for God to teach you and show you his real love. His Fresh Holy Anointed LOVE.
You would never settle for any substitutes once you have surrendered to his Real love.

Be Blessed