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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grow Up, Woman of God!

There is a point in every woman's life when she has to GROW UP! She has to make her own DECISIONS and choices. A point where she PLANS her life and  presents it to God. She LISTENS to God as she develops their goals. Yes, their goals!

There is point when she PRAYS to God for her relationships and friendships. She can not hide behind family or blend in with little sister/bro or BIG sister/bro.

Through prayer she develops her own identity, style, and personality. She is HONEST about her dislikes and likes and walks in INTEGRITY. She acknowledges faults and weaknesses while striving for perfection. She faces the fears and challenges of day to day life. Yes, the responsibility is great but so are the blessings.

At this point she gives God control of her life fully and accepts her destined purpose. She is more SUPPORTIVE and less argumentative. She is more understanding and more knowledgeable.  How profound is his glory, which hangs from her head and BLESSED are her hands, which she uses to bake bread. 

She realizes who she is and who she belongs too, God. She is no longer trying reach unrealistic expectations because God says, For I know the plans I have for you. When she thinks about her past, she knows how far she has grown from it, accepts her mistakes and failures, and she is able to FORGIVE and let go.

She is a woman of the now not the yesterday. She knows, hears, and sees everything that is going on around her. Sometimes, she can be strong willed and other times she is shy but she has learned to stand regardless.
She knows she can be hurt, she is human, not wonder woman or a super hero but she knows who to call to mend her broken heart.
At this point, she knows where her TRUST lays, who to tell her secrets to, and who she can depend on. God. Her loyalty lays in his FAITHFULNESS to her. Her life depends on his COMMITMENT to her.  

No more toying with her life and playing games. No more time wasted on relationships that do not give God praise.

A woman of excellence she will be, in her stride, her talk, her language and lifestyle. It is understood she is a goal worth pursuing and he calls her by name every morning. She recognizes his voice and answers with PRAISE! He is God.

She finds JOY in the simple things he created, from the sun & moon, to the sea & sky.

Now she knows, that this is the TIME, the point, the SEC, and minute, she must GROW UP! She must GROW UP!

Grow Up, Woman of God!

By Prophetess Tashaye
All rights copyright (C) 2011 GCW Ministries

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