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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Amazing Women Of God

- Dedicated to the Awesome Women of God that I am blessed to know! 

I just had an amazing time with some awesome women of God celebrating a birthday. As we sat together at the table, I looked at all their faces, their smiles, listen to jokes, and saw their personality show up in many different ways.  I thought to myself, this is the start of something BEAUTIFUL, because God is the center of attention.

 Women loving one another. Appreciating One Another. Uplifting one Another.
Supporting each other in Christ. 
All with their own identities in God and made him their friend first. 

That is the difference in Godly friendships. In order to build and have everlasting friendships in Christ you must befriend God first. He teaches us how to be good to one another and how to treat your neighbor as yourself.


Yes, we all come from different backgrounds, states, cities, and towns but when God is the common focus of your life the blend is flavorful. I laughed. Look at God! At work, right at this table, in each and everyone of us. All of us displaying his glory in this fellowship together. Everyone supporting each other, listening to each other, and allowing God to build an amazing unit with us and him. We are one body with many parts. We work together.

No one was dissing the other, no one envy of the other, no one mistreating the other but everyone looked forward to spending time together. 

Young women of God socializing together in such a positive way.

The valuable jewels God has hidden and kept to himself are these women of God and I am sure there are many more jewels out there but I can only talk about these few. I look around my church at the array of awesome women of God. God just keeps planting them and placing us together to glorify him. Each loving one another truly and sincerely.

God's glory is displayed through them in such a strong positive, pure, and amazing way. Each one is beautiful, created for & in God's glory. He gave them smiles like the sun shining on a summer day. Yes, you need shades. He blessed them with independence and the ability to stand against every obstacle that has came their way. He made them strong with delightful personalities. He gave his tender mercy and love & kindness to share with everyone they meet. He created feminine, thoughtful, God-fearing, saved, single, and prayerful women of God with a servants heart.

He blessed their hands with great talents and abilities. 
They are creative, ambitious, caring, giving, thoughtful, and loving women. 


God allowed his glory to shine around them every where they go so that their noticed without even trying. He planted his desires in their hearts and they seek him the more everyday. They look to God to plan their day. Their excited about him and his wondrous works in their lives. You can see the excitement for him in their lifestyle.

I am thankful just to know them. Just to be apart of their lives at this moment and time.      We as women must learn to appreciate each other and to not mistreat each other. No one is perfect but we are all working to perfection. Building Godly friendships is important in your walk with Christ. You now have a prayer partner, praise partner, and worship buddies.  

Iron sharping Iron.

Look at the jewels God has blessed you with and appreciate your blessings. I do!

~ Prophetess

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christine said...

WOW...that was beautiful and I'm crying tears of joy to know that I am loved by these Godly women. God is doing something special at the church and I thank him each and every morning for giving me the glory to be in his presence with all of you on Sunday morning & evening and on Wednesday. Thank you Jesus!