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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Praise Challenge..

I challenge you! Take the time each morning for seven days and praise God. Watch how it sets the tone of your day and week of blesses!

Praise God Every Morning for One Hour!

As my Bishop says, "Watch God DO!"

Be encouraged this week... Remember its about enduring the circumstance, situation, and obstacle. Praise God as soon as you open your eyes. Magnify his Goodness, Greatness, and his Mercy. Only speak of who he is in your life. Don't ask for anything. Just praise him for being God.

Watch how things change in your life.

Here is a song, I love to praise God too...

1. This is the Day!

2. Bless the Lord with ME

3. Trading my Sorrows

Now Watch God DO!

Prophetess Tashaye~

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