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Friday, March 9, 2012

Is there anything you can think of that you can't do by FAITH?


Begin reading Hebrews 11....
Now tell me what you can do by FAITH? By faith I can....
Speak into your life. Encourage yourself in your journey and walk with the Lord.

Heb. 11:6 - And without faith it is impossible to please the Lord...

You must begin to look at your life not through natural sight but through eyes of faith because your natural eyes will always bring doubt, fear, worry, discouragement to you. Faith is like a pair of glasses you put on to bring clarity and sharpens your view. What you thought you saw or counted wasn't really what was going on. When you placed your glasses of faith over your natural eyes you will see the situation totally differently. You will begin to see things moving in your life and begin speaking into your life based on the view of faith.

Sometimes we can become side track by things in our lives that will cause us to lose our faith glasses. There are other times we allow someone else's view of our life to taint our view of the situation but God requires you to see things by FAITH! Then we begin to try to hurry the process because our view is clouded by flesh.

The Lord knows the desires of our hearts but he also knows that the things of the world will never satisfy us. The things of the world do not last forever such as jobs, cars, houses, money and clothes, those things come and go in our life. Flesh will never be satisfy or secure by the things of the world.

The enemy knows that we fear that things in our life and those things in our heart may not come to past. He will begin playing games with your mind. Then you begin to question the abilities of God, Will God? , Can God?, or It doesn't look like God hears me? Maybe if I do such and such then God can do the rest.

Let me be honest with you, God created the world without our help, Why can't he handle your situation without your help? When you step out of it, let God handle it, and watch things work for the Glory of God! That is FAITH! You must trust the Lord in all things. As women we can sometimes find ourselves feeling we can handle this and give God something else but God wants everything. ALL! Not Partial!
In order to stand on the promises of God, we must keep our eyes in the word of God, through his word our faith will build and grow!

Romans 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Spending time in your word and with God you will begin to see the beginner picture. You will grow in your faith! Knowing that there is nothing God can't do. Can God? God Can!

Prophetess Tashaye~

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